Museum of Science: Pixar Exhibit

A group of us (featuring some beautiful glare from the windows) headed over to the Pixar Exhibit at the Museum of Science early this morning and had a great time! After seeing how much work it takes getting a high quality animated film in the works, we’ll think twice before complaining about how long it’s taken to finish Finding Dory (only 186 more days!).



Photo Credit: Rachel Allen ’17 (Honorary Member!)



And that’s a Wrap!

Thank you to everyone who came to our winter show, I’ll Make a Meme Out of You, last night! The audience was great and we loved showing off our hard work for the semester, which really paid off. Special thanks to HYPE Mimez for their hilarious performance and to Nick Chen who set up our sound system and mixed live for us.

If you weren’t able to attend, we will be posting videos within the next week or so both here and on our YouTube channel of all the songs we performed, so you can live through (or relive) the magical night!

Until next semester!

Peace. Love. Disney.

Meme Series: Sonia Bourdaghs ’18


Make sure to fly on over to SoGo tonight at 7 p.m. for our winter show! It’s been a semester of great new babies, long rehearsals, lots of laughs, and a ton of fun and we are so excited to share all our hard work with you all tonight. Bring your friends, family, animal sidekicks, and talking inanimate objects for the most magical performance of the semester!

Meme Series: Marissa Birne ’19


Has one of your friends been super grumpy lately? Well, bring them over to our winter show TONIGHT and all will be well. Their grumpy vibes will be magically disappear by the end of the great set we have planned tonight! Plus, it’s free and people love free things.