Winter Show: Disney Villains Medley

Everyone embraced their inner villain in our closing song — a medley of some of the most iconic Disney villain songs. That was the end of our Winter Show, I’ll Make a Meme Out of You! Be on the lookout for our future performances this coming semester and details on our spring show! Peace, love, Disney.

Soloists: Alex Cohen ’18, Adam Hotaling ’17, Shelby Cross ’18, Jimmy Hopkins ’19, and Gabriel Bird ’19
Arranged by Adam Hotaling ’17

Winter Show Videos!

We’re kicking off the New Year by posting a video a day from our winter show, I’ll Make a Meme Out of You! For all of you that couldn’t make it, this is your chance to see our set! For those of you that could, this is your chance to re-live the magic. We opened our set with a classic country hit, “Life is a Highway”.

Soloists: Adam Hotaling ’17, Merilla Michael ’17, and Sonia Bourdaghs ’18
Arranged by Adam Hotaling ’17