Fall Show ’16: Go the Distance

Time: What Is It? An Existential Journey with Enchanted (Enchanted’s Fall Show 2016).

We ended our show with “Go the Distance” from Hercules, but alas, we had some ~technical difficulties~. So, enjoy a different recording we have of our closer!

Soloist: Orlando Economos ✶’17
Arranged by Isaac Brown ✶’17


Fall Show ’16: Immortals

Now that finals are officially over, we’ll post a video a day from our Fall Show, Time: What Is It? An Existential Journey with Enchanted. Students, enjoy your time off (!!!), everyone have a restful holiday, and look for our updated gig schedule early next semester!

First up, our opener, “Immortals” from Big Hero 6!
Soloists: Merilla Michael ✶’17 and Rachel Sheldon ✶’17
Arranged by Merilla Michael ✶’17

Spring Show ’16: Tarzan Medley

We ended our show with a bang — a medley of songs from Tarzan including “You’ll Be in My Heart”, “Trashin’ The Camp”, and “Son of Man”. Thanks again to all of you who were able to make it and keep on the lookout for our performances and final show next semester! Until next time…Peace, Love, Disney.

Soloists: Rachel Sheldon ✶’17 and Shelby Cross ✶’18

Arranged by Isaac Brown ✶’17