About Us

Salaam and good evening! We are Enchanted, Tufts University’s only all-Disney A Cappella group. Founded in 2013, we perform at various venues  on the Tufts University Somerville/Medford campus and off-campus for the local community. We represent a wide range of musical backgrounds, and what binds us together is our love for singing and having fun while doing so. Take a look around and peruse the website for more information.

Current Members:
Jason Payne ✶ ’21 (Vice President)
Olivia Lazan ✶ ’21
Joseph Lim ✶ ’21
Michael Kiang ✶ ’20
Jessica Wang ✶’20 (Music Director)
Mira Guha ✶ ’19
Gabriel Bird ✶’19
Jimmy Hopkins ✶’19
Meghan O’Brien ✶’19 (President)
Shelby Cross ✶’18
Sonia Bourdaghs ✶’18
Alex Cohen ✶’18
Adam Hotaling ✶’18
Ben Nissan ✶’18


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